Quick Update

First day...

Published: Friday, 9 August 2013


OK, this is going just be a brief recap of where we are as it's all been crazy (crazy good that is) so far.

For starters, I think our days of travelling Virgin Atlantic direct to Orlando are over. We saved over £2,000 flying with US Airways via Philadelphia and both Joanne and I agree that it was just as good (if not better) than Virgin. Clearing customs and immigration in Philly was fantastic as it meant that as soon as we'd finished the second flight we could just go straight to baggage claim then collect the car then hit the road. Collecting the car took about an hour though but we'll gloss over that...

We arrived at The Polynesian around 9'ish and the bags were taken to a room (such a luxury after lugging all that lot around airpots and stuffing them into the boots of cars....sorry.... I mean into the trunk of cars ;-)

Our room is beyond amazing. It is soooooo big and loads of room for a family of 4. Added to that we're a 20 second walk to the pool although the room faces away from (the busy and noisy) pool so it's also really peaceful with a view over the amazing gardens of the Polynesian.

A quick hello to our friend Angie who was in the hotel shopping with her Mum then it was off to bed although just enough time to see the first few minutes of The Magic Kingdom fireworks show, Wishes, across the lake from our hotel.

The kids were up at 5am the following day but it's time for a shower now and into The Magic Kingdom for a while so i'll continue this later...