Day 6 (Tuesday 13th)

Waterparks and EPCOT food

Published: Thursday, 15 August 2013


A day doesn't get any better than this. Weather glorious as ever and a character dinner at the amazing EPCOT at 5pm to look forward to.

These dinner reservations are so difficult to get that we had to book them 6 months in advance. Soooo pleased we thought about this and got all the reservations we needed. All that planning is really working out.

Anyway, first thing's first and we're up and off to Blizzard Beach. This is the Wibbly Family's favourite place to be during the day in Orlando. Nothing beats floating around 'Cross Country Creek', their 3,000ft lazy river, with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Every so often we'll jump off and ride some slides and brave the sun but then it's back in the water to cool down.

After a few hours we headed out to get changed and make a mad dash to EPCOT for the Garden Grill Character Dinner.

This is an all you can eat buffet again but so much better than Chef Mickey's as rather than having to go up with your plate and dish out your food from a hot counter, the food is brought to your table on a platter. We were served absolutely delicious beef, turkey, creamed potatoes with onion and loads of vegetables. If you'd like extra of any of those, your server will bring them along.

This restaurant is unique as it slowly revolves as you eat and you look out onto different nighttime scenes. Added to that, you have Mickey, Pluto and Chip & Dale visiting your table for photos and autographs. The characters were much better here than at Chef Mickey's with much more interaction with the boys. We'd definitely do this one again.

After dinner we ambled over to Test Track (again) and got another ride photo with our PhotoPass+. This thing has saved us loads of $$$'s already and means we can get every ride photo available.

Excuse all the Spaceship Earth photos on our exit to the park. I absolutely love this structure and am in awe of it every single time I walk under (and ride) it.

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