Day 1 (Magic Kingdom and EPCOT)

We're finally here!

Published: Friday, 9 August 2013


So we hit the ground running on the first day. Breakfast was at the Kona Cafe in our hotel. The boys were as picky as ever with their breakfast, Jack leaving half his pancakes and Josh having two nibbles of his 'Goofy Toast' but the food and coffee was top notch. I've waited over a year for some Tonga Toast (about a gazillion calories in that so I was good to go for the rest of the day) and Joanne had The Samoan (poached eggs with hollandaise sauce over smoked pulled pork).

Onto the monorail right outside and in 10 minutes we were at the entrance to The Magic Kingdom. Redeeming our tickets was a breeze and we were soon inside with our funky RFID park tickets. Getting into the parks has never been quicker than with these new, improved tickets.

Jack....the new adrenaline junkie just HAD to ride Splash Mountain so we headed straight through the castle to have a quick nosey at New Fantasyland and past The Haunted Mansion over to the ride.

This was Jack's first time and he loved every single second. He's been listening to the music to this ride for weeks and it's just brilliant to see his face as the larger than life animatronics move along to that music. This will definitely be a ride we do over and over again this trip.

After that it's right next door to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Josh is pure rollercoaster mad and now we've also got Jack going down the same road. He's now tall enough for pretty much every ride at Disney World and it makes the whole trip so much more fun. No parent switch waiting in the sweaty Florida heat, we can now go on as a family of four. This is going to make the holiday for us. BTMR was as fun as ever, Jack looked soooo small sat there but loved it....another ride we'll be repeating again and again I think...

10:30am then and time to get out of the heat. It is so easy to get back to our hotel and this time we took a small boat which first stopped at the Grand Floridian then onwards to the Polynesian.

One of the reasons we chose this hotel was for it's location and the fact that Josh ALWAYS has wanted to use the volcano pool and slide here.

Later we took the monorail over to EPCOT to eat dinner at the China pavilion and to ride Soarin' and Test Track. Again....Jack so excited to be on a 'big boy' ride like Test Track and zooming along at 60mph in an open top car. The new test track is great but still not sure if I like the old one better.

Jack (as expected) LOVED Soarin' He had to pull his feet up onto the seat though as he thought he was going to lose his shoes :-) He just sat there the whole duration with a glazed, gormless look on his face. He was totally in awe of what he was seeing. Must be great watching something like that as a 4 year old.

Then it was back to the pool for 30 minutes for Josh and then to bed for an early night....exhausted.

Tomorrow i'll write about Day 2: Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney

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