Day 14 (Wednesday 21st)

Cinema and Chillin' Part 2

Published: Thursday, 22 August 2013


Another chilling day! Up early and hanging out by the pool. Breakfast of sausage, bacon and waffles looking out over the pool.

Early afternoon we drove over to the cinema with a plan to watch Monsters University. We split up for the first time with this one. Joanne and the boys went to see MU and I took the opportunity to see Kick Ass 2. Loved the first Kick Ass and this was also great. The cinema experience in the USA is so good. The seats are ultra comfortable, the drinks HUGE and with Sony 4K Digital Projection the norm, the movies look great too. Monsters University also went down well with Joanne and the boys.

Afterwards it was two buildings down to Disney Quest, an indoor interactive experience for the kids. Lots of classic arcade games which are all free to play once you've paid your entry fee. Luckily, it's all part of our Disney World theme park tickets so we had just an hour or so and went to get some dinner as a big rainstorm had hit (again) and we needed a place to hang out while it passed.

Back to the room and sleep for an early start for The Magic Kingdom tomorrow. We've got quite a few rides we haven't ridden yet so we're going to do that in the AM and maybe a stroll around World Showcase at EPCOT in the evening.

G'night all

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