Day 19 (Monday 26th)

The final week!

Published: Friday, 30 August 2013


Boo! 19th day and we are nowhere near ready to come home :-( I can't imagine ever being ready to leave this place. Every day has been absolutely perfect. We're waiting for one of the boys to fall over and break a bone so we aren't able to fly back until it heals ;-)

Anyway, Day 19 started with me sitting by the pool at 8:30am while everyone else slept. It's so tranquil here at that time and I love looking over at The Magic Kingdom and breathing out a nice "aaaaahhhhhhhhh". Josh joined me at 9:15'ish and he was asked to officially open the pool slide for the day. This is a little ceremony they have here every day where they pick someone to be the first down the slide and then announce them to everyone "Hello! This is Josh from England and today he will be the first to ride the Volcano slide". They then get a certificate and photo. It's small touches like this that makes Disney World so special.

We then headed to Blizzard Beach and once again hit a storm after being there for an hour. It probably sounds like we've been plagued by bad weather but it's been much better than the last time we were here in 2011. It doesn't spoil anything though, instead to waiting out the storm we pack up our stuff and move onto the next thing.

The next thing today was EPCOT for the final time. We first had an hour in Innoventions, and interactive learning experience for the kids with lots of cool things to do. Next was Test Track, then Nemo And Friends ride and then Test Track once more for the final time.

After catching the monorail back to the TTC, Joanne and Josh took the connecting monorail back to the Polynesian and Jack and I rode into The Magic Kingdom. Jack was craving some popcorn, not the pre-popped package variety but the fresh popped stuff from the carts. They had stopped serving in EPCOT and as The Magic Kingdom was open until 11pm we thought it might be worth giving it a shot. Unfortunately, they were also done for the day there. The little man was gutted as we'd promised it to him at EPCOT but by the time we'd done Test Track for the second time they were closed. 

The bottom lip quivered a little but he held it together and I carried him to the monorail back to the hotel and then grabbed a bag from the shop. 

All was well in his 4 year old world now :-)

I feel i'm rushing this blog now as even though i'm writing about last Monday, it is now Friday at 8:45am and i'm writing this by the pool and trying to wrap things up before we head to the airport at 1pm.

I might write up Tuesday/Wednesday/Thusday on the plane as it's going to be a really loooooong day today and i'd rather spend this morning enjoying the pool and chilling out ready for the journey.

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