Day 21 (Wednesday 28th)

Last Disney Day

Published: Saturday, 31 August 2013


We planned on a late night in the Magic Kingdom for our time in the Disney parks so after another lazy morning we headed to the hotel marina to hire a surrey bike. Joanne loves hiring these and it’s been years since we last did it. It’s a 4 seater bike with two sets of pedals. Joanne, Josh and I rode in the main seat and Jack was positioned in a basket on the front right next to the bell. We had 30 minutes tootling around the hotel grounds and down by the beach. 30 minutes was great fun but more than enough time due to our obvious unfit state. REALLY time to start back at the gym I think ;-)

A quick shower and then the short drive to Downtown Disney to get our boys ‘knighted’. This was at the ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique’ which is a Disney ‘salon’ where girls are made into princesses with hair, make-up and Disney Princess clothing. Good job we don’t have daughters because that whole makeover thing can cost upwards of $400! Luckily, our two knights were a snip at $15 each which also includes a knights sword and shield. Of course, there was much battling to be done now between them both in the middle of the shop so it was time to head back so we could get into the Magic Kingdom.

I always find it really sad getting the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for the final time. It doesn’t matter how long you spend in this place, it just never seems enough. Joanne and I once came here for 4 weeks and it STILL felt like it wasn’t long enough.  I don’t think we’re greedy and I know that not many people get to come here for 3 weeks (and 2 days) but we just love the whole ‘Disney Thing’ so much that we never want to leave. When you arrive at the start of the holiday it seems like you’ve got an eternity there but in a blink of an eye you reach this point.

Anyway, we entered through the train station and Joanne headed to The Emporium to start shopping for gifts. We got a good haul and at 5:30pm we met Dirk to say bye after he’d finished work. It was great to see them all this trip and the boys really loved hanging out with his girls.

I headed back to the hotel to deposit the goodies in the room while the 3 x J’s went to meet Tinkerbell.

Once I got back we went to Aloha Isle once again for fresh pineapple spears, fresh pineapple juices and dole whip. YUM!

We then rode Tomorrowland Speedway twice and then, naturally, we headed to Big Thunder Mountain and then Splash Mountain twice in a row for the final time this trip. We must have easily ridden Splash Mountain 10 times and could easily manage 10 more.

It was now 10pm and the park was closed. We were the last to leave Frontierland and ambled slowly to the park exit. It’s the worst feeling ever looking back at Cinderella Castle as you walk down Main Street USA on the last night after having the privilege of seeing it every day for the past 3 weeks.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back soon though :-)

A quick stop at Captain Cooks on the way to the room for late night food of pizza and fries and we were all sparko. 


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