Here We Go.....

Airport time...

Published: Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So here we go...12 months planning and we're ready and raring to go. Look out for the next blog item where i'll be moaning about stuffing 4 suitcases, 4 hand luggage and 2 car seats into a hire car in a red hot and humid parking garage in Orlando airport. Oh... the joy of holidays. Only just managed to cram that lot into our own car....nearly had to leave the kids at home!

Had a quick mooch around the airport tonight to make sure that Jack's bee case is not too big for cabin baggage (a VERY big deal to a 4 year old) and it looks like we're all set.

Room service splurge on burgers, pizzas and club sandwiches and non-alcoholic beer (How was I supposed to know Becks Blue is non-alcoholic? It just sounds posh ;-)

Kids asleep, quick nosey at what's going down the airport runway then off to bed. Hate flying....almost 10 hours in total....but Orlando here we come...

Josh STILL doesn't know we're staying at The Polynesian at Disney, he is going to be shell shocked....he LOVES that hotel :-)

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