Blizzard Beach

Water, Slides and Funnel Cake

Published: Friday, 19 July 2013


August in Orlando is hot....wayyyy too hot for us 4 brits that only have hot weather for 2 weeks a year (if we're lucky).

We love the Disney parks but can't bear the thought of spending full days there in the blistering daytime heat.

Solution? Our favourite water park, Blizzard Beach.

Joanne and I used to buy annual passes to Wet 'n' Wild back in the mid 90's but since we started to stay on Disney property it makes much more sense to get premium passes for all the main parks plus the water parks.

We love to just hit these parks in the early morning and stay until mid afternoon. Then for us it's back to the hotel for a quick freshen up, out for dinner then onwards to a cooler Magic Kingdom, EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.

Our boys are both water babies, they also would rather be spending their days cooling off on water slides than trudging round the theme parks.

A day here is not complete without sharing a quick funnel cake next to the wave pool. Bliss!