Day 4 (Sunday 11th August)

Chef Mickey's and Magic Kingdom with friends

Published: Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Today was a fasting day because in the evening we had reservations at Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary Resort. No room for snacks with an all you can eat buffet to look forward to at 5pm.

We decided to take it easy through the day and just spend some time in the pool at The Polynesian. We're STILL in love with this hotel. It will never get old looking out across Seven Seas Lagoon at Cinderella Castle, Space Mountain, the iconic Contemporary hotel and the Grand Floridian. It really, honestly, does not get any better than this.

After some late afternoon hair dryer drama ;-) we jumped on the monorail to get to Chef Mickey's with 1 minute to spare.

Chef Mickey's is good. It's not good for the food though as it's pretty mediocre but the experience and the location is just great. The boys plumped for the usual junk with Josh choosing a combination of pizza and chicken nuggets with Jack opting for the slightly healthier pasta. We had a decent mashed potato, jacket potato, turkey and veg combination but coming in at over $160 for 2 adults and 2 children it's kinda overpriced. It's always a 'must do' for us though as the boys love the characters spending time with them at their dinner table along with signing their autograph book. The characters arrive at the tables in uniform such as Mickey in a chef's outfit. Jack's favourite question was "did you cook this food Mickey". So much fun doing this stuff with a 4 year old.

After the buffet we headed downstairs in the Contemporary and over to the marina to catch a boat over to The Wilderness Lodge. Our friends were staying there for a couple of nights as it was their twins 9th Birthday the following day. We'd arranged to meet up for birthday cake to help celebrate and Josh and Jack were desperate to hang out in the pool with their 2 friends. They spent an hour playing in the pool with Ava and Ainsley and their Dad and Grandad while we chilled out watching from poolside (thanks for the babysitting Dirk) then the kids wandered over to the beach to lounge there and watch a little 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' on the big screen they were projecting onto.

Then it was an impromptu trip over to The Magic Kingdom at 11pm (by boat) to ride a couple of things (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Haunted Mansion). A quick rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' at Midnight for Ava and Ainsley while in the queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as they turned 9. Jack was sparko on the boat over there so he missed all the fun and we finally left The Magic Kingdom at around 1:30am.

We said our goodbyes and jumped on the ferryboat to the Transportation and Ticket Center and took a leisurely walk back to the hotel. Within 5 mins we were asleep. This is kind of a typical fun is why the blogs are few and far between. We're hoping to have a couple of easy days to catch up on sleep so hopefully i'll be able to get the blog back on track too...

We'll see....

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