Day 19 - Parasailing and La Nouba


Published: Friday, 25 August 2017


Flying high in the sky

Well after an aborted trip last week due to the weather we wake up to a glorious sunny Florida morning. Today we will go parasailing for the first time over Bay Lake behind the Contemporary Resort.

We get there 15 minutes before the flight and play some games in the sun at the marina waiting for our time. I've always absolutely loved the Contemporary Resort. What's not to like about this iconic building? Thing is, it's not particularly 'family friendly' and it has more of a feel of a conference centre with lots of exec types milling around as opposed to the Polynesian which is full of families with kids. One day maybe, but not for a while.

Our boat arrives and we climb on board. The boat heads out to the lake and in no time Jack and I are getting suited and booted to be clipped onto a parachute which will float us on 600ft of line and get us up to a height of 400ft.

It was a fabulous experience and so peaceful up there. The views of the Magic Kingdom were phenomenal. I think when Joanne and Josh followed they had a little more wind so had a noisier ride. I'm going to try and find time to edit down a little video of the trip once i've written this.

We travelled in tandem (Joanne and Josh, myself and Jack) and had a flight of 10 minutes each. It was very expensive at $320 but definitely worth it. Would we do it again? Maybe, but it was just something we always have wanted to do and would quite happily have it as a 'once in a lifetime' thing. Recommended for sure.

It was now lunchtime so we decided not to tear off around a park today as we had Cirque Du Soleil at 6pm so again we settled for some pool time.

Off to Disney Springs at 5pm and Cirque Du Soleil, La Nouba. This is the third time since 2013 we've seen this show and it never gets dull. It ends this year after a near 20 year run. It was a brilliant show as always and I hope they replace it with a new Cirque show in the future although nothing has been announced as yet.

We were definitely not in the mood for Disney food for dinner so took the car down highway 192 for some good old fashioned Denny's action. Joanne doesn't like Denny's too much so this is the first time we've been here this holiday. It's great though, sandwiches, burgers, hash browns etc. etc. and she gives it a thumbs up. We consider a Ponderosa on the way for nostalgia (we once had to have breakfast here every day) but common sense takes hold and we drive straight by. It's been probably 10 years since we ate at one of those places. Last time was really dirty and 'icky' and we don't want to risk it ;-) The food is freshly made here, the calorie count is scary and we all have a good 'non-Disney' couple of hours. I suggest dessert at IHOP but we're all stuffed now so drive 'home' to the Polynesian.

Check out the video HERE