Day 23 - Last Disney Day

Please can we live here?

Published: Sunday, 27 August 2017

Last Disney Day

Last day!

OK, i'm about to pack my gear away and we're heading into the Magic Kingdom for the day. I won't really be able to catch up on the blog and do it justice so this is a quick cheerio for now. I have all my notes for what we've been doing the past few days so i'll finish it all off when we get home.

Huge thanks to Mum and Dad for the very generous contributions this past couple of weeks, it's really helped us do some extra stuff that we wouldn't normally have done so THANK YOU!!! The boys can't wait to see you to take you out for a meal and say thanks too!

Thanks Karen and Dave for dropping some comments now and again. First time i've had that feature, i've loved reading the comments knowing someone has been ready my waffling.

It's been an absolute blast! I can't tell you how much we'd love to stay out here longer. Spending time here together with absolutely no care in the world and no work is just what we needed, Joanne especially. We're coming home begrudgingly but ready to get cracking on planning the next one :-) Lot's of new work for me to get cracking on too when I get home, i've managed to juggle both fun and work while i've been here and it's good to be busy, so who knows? Maybe Orlando 2018 is on the cards. Heehee.

Seriously though, it's sad to think we won't be back soon and although coming over here is MASSIVE fun, i'm not sure we could handle it two years in a row. It's a pretty exhausting holiday, there's nowhere like it for full on, nonstop good times but the thought of laying on a beach in Majorca sounds pretty appealing right now.

OK, off the Monorail for a meeting with that Mouse and his pals.

Thanks for reading y'all...